Teen Tech Week – Be The Source of Change


It’s Teen Tech Week, your opportunity to explore the world of technology and take a look at the great online resources we have through the library that can give you an edge and make positive changes in your life. This week we have an engineering challenge as part of Old Town Newhall’s DIY Designs, also tied in with our One Story One City presentation which you can find more information about here. On Thursday, we also have Teen Tech Talks at Valencia, where we’ll be discussing and going through some basics of web design, HTML, and CSS through an online program that lets you edit your website and see the results in real time!

Also, don’t forget that our library tech resources provide great opportunities to get the leg up on whatever you may be working on. JobNow provides everything from resume templates and help (they’ll even let you upload your resume and then get back to you with edits and adjustments to make it the best that it can be), and it will also let you search for job openings. HelpNow will let you get help with any homework you may need, even connecting with a real person that will take you through the specific problem that you’re working on step-by-step. Take a look at our online resources here to see all the technology we have to be your source of change.

  • Newhall DIY Designs – 3/8 3:30-5:30
  • Valencia Teen Tech Talks – 3/9 3:30-5:00

Image courtesy of YALSA.

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