Back To School Life Hacks

Everyone is headed back to school after what probably feels like a very short summer; and it can be hard getting back into the swing of schools and routine. Here are some quick and easy life-hacks to help you power through these first few months of school and get organized to stay on top of things.

It can be hard to remember your classes and figure out your route in the beginning of a new school year. Once you get your class schedule, take a picture of it with the class name and room number and set it as your lock screen for your phone. This is a quick and simple way to refer to your schedule with just a glance.


Another hardship of the new school year, so many notebooks! You usually have to have one for each class, and it can be hard to tell which one is which quickly, and you don’t have a lot of time between classes or pulling one from your bag. For a simple trick, color code the edges of your notebooks with highlighter or marker, or write the class in sharpie on the top edge, so you don’t need to pull out each notebook to check it.


Finally, welcome back to the world of papers. You’ll probably have a bunch (that is, if you haven’t had some assigned already!) and each one will likely require sources cited from articles that are peer reviewed or come from an official source; teachers will often remind you that Google and Wikipedia isn’t always to be trusted. They can work, but a much easier way is to either use our online database for articles, like Academic Search Premier or try Google Scholar at


Google Scholar is like regular google, and searches a similar way, but looks specifically for scholarly articles. It’ll even help making citations of the articles you find. This’ll keep the search easy while also making your teachers happy.

Stay tuned for more life hacks and study tips as the school year goes on!

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