Become Rich With This One Simple Trick

MediumYour Santa Clarita Public Library is saving you thousands of dollars and making you rich!



Everyone knows obtaining a library card is free and easy. And of course, you enjoy all the perks of having a library card like borrowing books for free! But have you ever stopped and considered exactly HOW MUCH your library card is worth?


Library card holders also have free online access to the digital collection as well, which includes:


  • Downloadable eBooks & Audiobooks
  • Streaming movies & TV
  • Downloadable music
  • Digital Magazines
  • Access to extensive instructional resources to learn another language, repair your car or prepare for an exam.


BUT WAIT!! There’s even more!


Ever enjoy the cool air conditioning, computers or wifi on a visit? Have you ever taken advantage of the free $1.00 credit towards printing a day? How about using a study room for a group project? FREE. Have you attended a fun program that was entertaining? That’s right, entertaining and FREE.









Use this handy dandy Library Value Calculator and discover exactly HOW MUCH a library card is saving you!






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